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Precarious terrain, cunning predators, and natural disasters on a massive scale all present a constant challenge to survival— as do the unpredictable ripples of change that wash through the plane, known to its people as the Roil.

Even the mana that suffuses the land is wild and hard to tame. It feels almost alive to those who wield it, and sometimes causes the land to manifest magical effects much like spells

Older folk tell stories that the perilous weather conditions only began once the Eldrazi showed up centuries ago; almost like the world is trying to rid itself of an infection. 

Civilization is fighting for its life and is holding on by a hair as it combats against the 3 Eldrazi titans and the numerous broods they spawn.

1.       Expeditionary houses, academic institutions, wealthy merchants, and retired adventurers all sponsor missions of exploration and discovery

a.       the Valakut House

b.      the Pelakka Foundation

c.       the Akoum Expeditionary House

d.      the Murasa Expeditionary House

e.      the Bala Ged Expeditionary House


Main Page

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