Race: Kor; Class: Rogue & Cleric


Emori (EM-OR-EE) is a unique young Kor, born with no gender, Emori’s curiosity of the world would propel the knowledge gained. The silver lined white hair, and the trancelike white and black eyes made Emori almost a spectacle to the rest of the tribe at birth, but quickly through the years it became apparent to the elders of the tribe that Emori was a focused individual.


At the young age of 8 Emori already excelled in  tribal studies of proficient climbing, furthermore Emori was tasked to train  Kor of all ages in hunting, through the art of perception and stealth. Emori’s skills made the androgynous Kor a known prodigy along the tribe, and as the nomadic tribe traversed the lands, Emori, not even ten years of age was allowed to join expeditions with mature Kor warriors.  Emori’s Mother Enzika(EN-ZEH-KUH) loved her child more than anything. Every night she would pray holding a white medallion to Nahiri  the Lithomancer though at the time she had not ascended to Planeswalker status and was simply known as Nahiri the Master of Stoneforge.  Enzika Prayed for the safety of her child through the near future, for Enzika had dark visions of Otherworldy creatures, untamed Mana and storms that would reshape the lands..
One fateful night, the tribe was between outposts, in the region of Akoum. They set up camp at the base of a large cliff. That night, Enzika awoke from a terrible cold sweat nightmare. She rushed to wake Emori but her child wasn’t in bed. Screaming Emori through the encampment, she woke others as she sought her child. An Elder caught up to her asking what the issue is and she grew quiet, but in her eyes was immense fear. She uttered one word, “Roil”. As if on cue the whole region seemed to shake beneath them. Enzika instantly ran frantically looking for her child, as the Elders of the tribe began barking orders to protect their tribe. Rushing beyond the camp now, she spotted her child standing at the base of the large Cliff side. She called out to the young kor,  “Emori!” but Emori stood unmoved.  Finally she caught up to her child, grabbing Emori’s arm she attempted to pull her child away from the boulders, debris and rocks that were falling overhead but Emori seemed almost stuck in place. Directly ahead of them both, the rocky cliff seemed to split in two, a bright light beamed from the rockside before enlarging to resemble a swirling bluish white portal. Lightning raged within the portal. Enzika tried to pull her child once more before the ground shook knocking her down. An unrecognizable voice boomed through the portal. “ITS TIME”. Emori said the words in sync with the portal andEnzika stood in fear and confusion. She reached out to Emori, and as she did the light from the portal shone brightly once more, enveloping the both of them. Winds picked up around them, and Enzika could feel the space between her and Emori growing larger as if her child was being pulled away. She reached out, grazing the collar of her Childs vest, and in it she placed the white medallion. As the light faded, Emori was gone. Enzika walked slowly back to the tribe who were prepared to depart away from the effects of the Roil. Strong winds kicked up all around them, and within the storm came a threat they had never faced before. An Eldrazi swarm. It was over before they had a chance to draw their blades. In almost an instant, the swarm flew through the tribe, devouring every Kor in sight, decimating their belongings, and leaving without a trace.
The concept of time where Emori went  is a near impossible to calculate because as he was pulled in, the overwhelming energy left the child incapicated . Similar to Planeswalking, Emori’s body floated through Escher-scapes, and pools of energy, leaving strange markings on the body that quickly faded into the skin, nearing them invisible. The looming voice spoke once more, although it seemed to be holding conversation with another strong voice, this one feminine. The male voice spoke of Emori, “..no.. it’s too soon.” The female voice replying, “But this child has much to do.. and much to learn.. how can we be sure?” the male voice responded after some time, “let us see what the child becomes.. all will reveal itself in due time..” The voices quieted down and as they did, Emori’s floating body was passing through what seemed to be a field of Hedrons as it reentered the plane of Zendikar. Emori’s body, shining from the excess mana floating off the body would almost appear to be a shooting star to onlookers as Emori landed in the alleyway of a city in the Region of Tazeem, Ten years before the events that just took place. Emori woke to a pointy stick against the ribcage  and a young human teenager ready to hold Emori down if Emori would attempt to run. The boy questioned Emori for a few minutes about who Emori was and where Emori came from, but  Emori’s memories had been lost due to the surge of Mana the body and mind experienced.  The boy revealed his name as Antonious, and decided to give Emori shelter amongst the orphaned children in the town. The only thing Emori retained was the muscle memory the body had gone through over the years with the tribe, and it wasn’t long before Emori was using the set of skills developed to survive in a new town. A Town where some of the roughest people lived. 
Emori found the medallion left by Enzika and cherished it as the only thing connecting to a past long forgotten. Emori grew form the young eight year old to a mature young Adult, learning city streets, hidden passageways, who to and not to trust. At the age of 23, Emori took on a strange job. The kor was unsure where the message came from, but without hesitation, sought after the job. The target was Sarkhan Vol who although Emori didnt know it, was a Planes walker that had ended up in the realm of Zendikar. Finding him on top a mountain, Emori’s task was to disrupt Sarkhan’s goal to take a piece of the Hedron floating atop the mountain. Though Emori didnt know it, the kor was hired by Nicol Bolas as simple bait to help assess Sarkhan’s strength. Emori felt numb standing so close to Sarkhan, feeling the might of his power teeming inches away from Emori’s body.  Quickly Emori realized there was no chance of success. Instead of completing the mission, Emori stole a small knife from Sarkhan. The knife was a Rakdos Riteknife. Emori quickly fled the scene before shouts from Sarkhan quickly reached Emori’s ears from easily miles away.. shouts that resembled that of a dragon’s roar. Emori kept the knife hidden, and with the use of the stealth manuevers learned overtime, was just barely able to evade Sarkhan’s wrath. Emori set a new goal at that moment: To become powerful enough to face that man. 
No longer safe in the city the young kor spent life in, Emori travelled the region for two years, keeping close the white medallion and the riteknife.  Lost in wanderlust, hoping to learn all of the lost past, and Emori’s purpose in this world, Emori made plans to train hard, and gain further knowledge of the events happening to the world around. 
Two years later, just a few weeks past what Emori deemed was a suitable birth date, Emori discovered the city of Seagate. Initially hoping to seek shelter, Emori’s curiosity drove the kor to a brother line  full of interesting characters. it wasnt long until a young boy who would later be known as Jeremey ran up to Emori, tugging on the leather garments Emori wore, Jeremy with a desperate look in his eyes held up a mysterious pouch..


Zendikar Storm Bringers Emori