Thynexes Rolzer

Race: Tiefling Class: Rogue


Race: Tiefling
Class: Rogue
AC: 17
HP: 18
Rapier 1D8
Shortbow 1D6
Great Sword 2D8
Long Bow


Back story: Thynexes Rolzer is a Tiefling Rogue that came from a rough childhood. As a Tiefling he comes from no homeland. Growing up with only his father and his brother they were always moving from place to place never having an actual home. His Tiefling heritage comes from his grandfather who made a deal with the demon lord Ob-Nixilis. His grandmother helped Ob-Nixilis lure Jace Beleron so Ob-Nixilis could extract his power and regrow his wings. In return Ob-Nixilis gave his grandfather the abilities to become the best thief in all of zendikar. Little did he know that this gift (or curse) turns his human self into a Tiefling. Thynexes’ father grew up resenting his father for being such an evil man. He raised Thynexes and his brother Melech to become moral. But being a Tiefling with no home land and expecting him to be evil. Thynexes grew up to have a more dark moral view. While his brother went down the path his father wanted him to, Thynexes ran away from his father and brother to follow in his grandfathers footsteps to become the greatest thief in all of zendinar.

Thynexes Rolzer

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