Zendikar Storm Bringers

Session #3


Diemetes had read further in the Dwarven Excavation book. He read about the Axe of Dwarvish Lords, the Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals, and about the Dwarven Kingdom of Urden that uncovered an ancient tablet that contained numerous foreign glyphs. While many academics and ardents tried to decipher the text, they were largely unsuccessful. However, they were able to pick one glyph out: The Nine Hells. Oddly enough, the party has seen that symbol before – one one of the sides of the cube.

The Storm Bringers slept through the curfew and awoke ready to get back to adventuring. However, they needed supplies and went to the market. Crow wanted to tell the guards that she knew Jeremy, the boy that was murdered yesterday. Rolzer, the rogue, went looking for a Poisoners Kit. So while the others were busy shopping, Rolzer went down an alley that had a Thieve's Cant symbol indicating "this way". Upon venturing deeper into the alley, he successfully resisted a Hold Person spell, but then was surprised as an attacker followed up with a poisoned dagger that paralyzed him. He was quickly dragged into a cellar and tied up to a chair, with a gag put in his mouth and a blindfold put on.

While bound to the chair, the attacker spoke to someone named Asmodeus (though no other voice in the room responded) and said that he would make another sacrifice in hopes that Asmodeus would reveal the location of The River Styx. While the other adventurers noticed their friend was missing and found a small trail of blood in the alleyway, they were too little too late as they opened the cellar door and watched as the murderer slit Rolzers throat. It took Emori a full round before he cast Cure Light Wounds and brought Rolzer back from the brink of death. The attacker, who the party thinks might be The Ferryman murderer, curses in some foreign language and shouts, "No! You will not take my sacrifice from me!" He stabs Rolzer in the shoulder, but it isn't enough. The party kill the attacker and immediately alert the guards.

After some initial questioning from the guards, it immediately became apparent that the group needed to be separated and interrogated individually. After a lengthy line of questioning, the guards let them go. But the captain of the guard truly believes that the man they killed was The Ferryman murderer and wants to call it a case closed and give the party all the credit. However, the party feels that the evidence was less than concrete, but they allow the captain to close the case and have the town crier announce the good news tomorrow (increasing their renown). Upon going back to their apartment, they find all the furniture thrown about with a note on the ground that says, "I know." They realize that the Ferryman either wasn't acting alone, or was still out there.

After a short rest, they go back to visit Tarhoon, a wealthy Dragonborn merchant, that wanted them to work for him in complete secrecy. While they may not earn renown in this way, they will earn wealth. Tarhoon says, "Legend claims that the Roil's wild magic sometimes materializes as a solid blue stone. I want you to find it. It's last known whereabouts was in Turntimber Forest." The party decides that they want to be known as a separate organization when working for Tarhoon and decide upon the name "Dark Horizons." They ask for other jobs that Tarhoon may want completed along the way. He says that he will reward them for every 'hand' belonging to a member of the Valakut House. He also says that there is a man very much like himself in the city of Halimar named Renis. He would like him killed. The party decides to search for the blue stone first and will pursue Renis afterward.

The commission a ship called "Panocha de las Ballena" to sail them to the forest, and Tarhoon gives them a lot fo supplies to increase their chance of success. They say goodbye to Lopen and tell him that he can rent out their room to someone else. They set sail and hug the coast line. As darkness descends, 2 Manticores attack the ship. In a feat of stunning bravery, the Hound intimidates the Manticores and makes them fly away. The entire ship looks at the Hound in awe. Tales will be told of his bravery when the ship reaches land.

Before heading out to deep water, the ship makes one last stop in a small town called Onamey, known for its women and brothel. Rolzer follows 2 commoners carrying a wheelbarrow and acting suspicious. He murders them both and takes their belongings, gaining a potion, a figurine of a silver raven, a wand, and 2 scrolls. Apparently, they were preparing for some sort of ritual.

While the others had fun with the women of the brothel, Emori encountered a Sea Hag. She was jealous of the beauty of the women here and clawed at their face. The Sea Hag dismissed her illusory appearance and revealed her true form. She was so unfathomably ugly that the sight of her killed many onlookers. It's effects didn't bother Emori and the Sea Hag was slain.



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