Zendikar Storm Bringers

Session #4


The season of the year is Fall. No sailors would risk crossing open water in the winter, where the likelihood of a Roil storm could compound the problem. The next morning in the city of Onamey, the sailors begin loading food and rations enough to last the trip there and back. THe captain makes his prayers (Emroi joins him) and then they set off for voyage.

There is 9 crew members plus Captain Fenrir plus the 5 adventurers. It's a 370 mile journey one way, and it would take the Longship @ 3 MPH 5 days of sailing to get to the destination. Upon reaching the destination, the ship will anchor off shore, and the adventurers will use the one row boat to get to land.

Day 1: Dorsal fins pop up in the water every now and then. Crew says, "Sharks. They're harmless, unless you have to walk the plank." The adventurers decide to learn how to sail and learn how to fish. Emori tries to lasso a shark, but no success. Rolzer focuses on his figurine of a silver raven and realizes that it turns into a real raven for 12 hours, which he named Red. While at sea, it dawns on them that they have almost no information about how to find the blue stone. They ask around, but they don't learn much.

Day 2: They befriend Dobby. They eat rations. There are some clouds in the distance. They ask Captain Fenrir to have one of their men stay on the shore and light fires so the smoke will help them find their way back. Rolzer focuses on the Wand that he found, and came to the realization that the wand told him that his Silver Raven Figurine was magical. Emori sleeps on top of the mast.

Day 3: The sun is at high noon, Emori can feel his cube emanate power and Crow can feel a tingling sensation from her connection to wild magic. Captain Fenrir shouts, "Get Down!" Another Roil Storm strikes. A bolt of lightning cracks out of the sky, as if it came from another dimension, and strikes the mast at its base! A splintering crunch fills the air as the mast topples over into the water and the middle of the Longship begins to break in two. The ship is about to sink. They have 30 seconds to react. All the adventurers run to the rowboat and guard it. Dobby is with them.

The rest of the crew beg to go on the rowboat, but the Hound intimidates them back (their memory of him chasing away the Manticores still fresh in their minds). The crew protests by holding the crates of rations hostage and the boat sinks.

Emori starts to use Mend to build a makeshift raft, while Crow is trying to get into the rowboat. All of the other crew members start calling for help and swimming toward the rowboat as sharks return to the area. Dobby starts beating one of his former crew members with an oar and pushes him away. He shouts, "We can't let them on the boat or they'll capsize us!" He holds out the other oar, "Someone help me keep them away!" The Hound grabs the oar.

Emori wants to find a way to save the crew, and immediately distrusts Dobby, so he fires a Radiant Bolt at Dobby and kills him. The Hound drowns a couple of the crew members. Sharks start eating some of them and the water turns red with blood. Crow gets into the rowboat, but Emori makes a tremendous leap from his raft to the boat and tries to push all of his party members off of the boat for not saving the crew. Emori resists a sleep spell from Diemetes, but then gets caught in a net thrown by Rolzer. The Hound throws Emori into the water and stabs him once. The blood draws a shark which takes a huge bite of Emori and the Hound quickly let go of the net. Emori and the shark go under. In a final act of desperation, Emori makes a quick prayer to his god and shoves the cube into the shark's mouth. In a flash of light, Emori finds himself and the shark floating in the Air Domain. Without water to breath, the shark dies and Emori hacks at its carcass to get the cube back.

The rest of the party believe that Emori is dead. Believing their life to still be in danger, Rolzer drinks his unidentified magical potion, hoping it can help him survive this situation. It was a Potion of Animal Friendship, and he finds himself befriending one of the sharks, quickly named Jimmy. They finish fending off the crew, however, they do let the last 2 (Captain Fenrir and Mitt) onto their row boat. They were exactly half way toward their destination and they have to decide whether to continue on, or turn back and go home. They push onward to find the blue stone. Rolzer is now standing on Jimmy the Shark's back, and uses Jimmy to pull the row boat for the next 24 hours. Then they make the 2 sailors do the rowing the rest of the way. After reflecting on their actions, the Hound and Diemetes turn evil.

Emori studies his cube while floating in the air. His faith tells him that he should interact with one of the other sides of the cube. He does, and it returns him to the Material Plane, on a beach, where he can see a rowboat approaching. Emori hides in Turntimber Forrest while listening to their conversation.

The group decides to keep the 2 sailors alive and tell them they have to prove their worth. Turntimber Forrest is thick with underbrush and moss-covered trees. There doesn't seem to be any signs of civilization. Anything that might resemble a trail is really overgrown. A perpetual fog hangs in the air, carrying an acrid whiff of poison. The light that reaches the forest floor carries an emerald green cast, and every sound seems muffled. The party gives weapons to the sailors and tell them to hack the branches to clear a path, while Crow carves "X's" in trees to mark their path.

There is a moment where Crow suddenly sees a gold-skinned woman standing behind the one of the trees she was carving. The lady says, "You must stop damaging my forest at once." And then the tree that Emori was hiding behind comes to life and pushes him into the open and says, "I found another tresspasser." Shock and disbelief are on all of their faces at the sight of Emori alive. Crow drops her carving knife and apologizes for damaging the trees. The lady wants them to leave, but Crow insists that all they want is a blue stone and they will leave. The lady (Dryad) says they won't be successful, just like the previous party. Crow says, "But if you help us find it, then no one else will bother your forest again." The Dryad agrees to lead them to it, however, it is the Ancient Green Dragon that found the blue stone first and keeps it in its lair.

The Dryad and Treant lead the way and tell other fey creatures to not bother them, however there are some creatures of the forest that they have no control over. The group fights a Shambling Mound, which kills both of the sailors. The Dryad leads them to the entrance of the Dragon's Lair and says goodbye. The adventurers are pretty certain they never would have found this place had they not had the Dryad's assistance. Small animals like birds and squirrels look at the group funny. They tie a string across the cavern entrance with tin cans as a makeshift alarm. They rest up outside the cave, and the Hound and Diemetes are pretty certain that they can kill the dragon. They agree to a plan of distracting the dragon while the others find the blue stone. The next morning, it becomes apparent that the dragon wasn't in its lair.

The sound of giant leathery wings can be heard behind them and a gargantuan ancient green dragon forcefully lands, breaking trees like twigs under its weight. Any confidence that the Hound had of slaying the dragon is now gone, as its scales look thicker than any armor he's ever seen. They are now standing in between the dragon and the entrance to its lair. Frightened from its terrifying presence, they immediately run away from it into its lair as it roars ferociously and chases them.

As they run full speed for their life, they encounter a fork in the road. In a split second decision, Rolzer, Emori, and Crow go right, while the Hound and Diemetes go left. The Hound and Diemetes find themselves at a dead end as they enter a room with a bunch of hatched dragon eggs and dozens of wyrmling hungry eyes staring at them from a ledge. Diemetes and the Hound turn back and found the gargantuan dragon had cut them off. It takes a deep breath and blows a toxic cone of poisonous breath at them, killing them instantly.

Against all odds, the other 3 adventurers find a spherical blue stone – the roil stone. Without any other option, they huddle together and Emori activates his cube and they disappear back to the Air Domain. Safe. Crow and Rolzer are in awe. After calming down, they agree that they should return to the city of Onamey.



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